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Rose Garden

Rose Garden

Avocado sandwiches, chia-puddings & green smoothies. The Rose Garden in Mitte is furnished really, really nice and serves a wide range of different breakfast dishes. Each corner in the restaurant is photogenic, the chefs wear a long beard and are good-looking and you can have a lot of cold pressed juices. Isa went to the Rose Garden in Mitte and tried some vegan stuff for you.

Where? Alte Schönhauser Straße 61, Mitte
Food: Bowls, Sandwiches, Wraps (they also serve dinner)
Money: €€€
Vegan, Vegetarian or Omnivorous Omnivorous
Opening hours: mo–fr: 8am–11pm, sa–su: 9am–11pm
More Informaion:

Who is with us?
Ring, Ring, the alarm clock goes off much too early today! But well, it’s time for BREAKFAST! Today Isa walks with her sister Lisa and her friend Julia towards Torstraße, cause morning walks are great and yes, breakfasts are great too. Unfortunately Julia Justus doesn’t have time today, so later we will make her jealous with our big, big breakfast plates, ha!

You definitely have to try ..
The vegan range of dishes is manageable, but sound SO good. We ordered a “Love Affair” (Wholegrain sourdough with avocado hummus, grilled vegetables, sweetpotato, mint and sprouts), a “Mexican Guacamole” (Wholegrain sourdough with
guacamole, romaine lettuce, popped quinoa, sprouts and dark chocolate shavings) and a “Summer Breeze” (Chia pudding, rhubarb-raspberry-vanilla compote, ginger crumble). Everything was fine, but not mind blowing.

Who wants your last morsel?
.. the typical “Mitte” people! A lot of people are here with their laptops, you can get your chai latte here and a cold pressed juice in every color. The breakfast works by self-service, so you grab your coffee at the coffee bar and your sandwiches at the kitchen counter. By the way: there’s an open-show kitchen so you can you see just how your meal is prepared.

The best thing is..
You may already assumed: it’s the interior.

Be prepared for ..
I know that a lot of people think that eight euros are pretty much for an avocado sandwich. It’s true! Please also note that the people of rose garden try to serve you sustainable products. They guarantee that their ingredients are sourced and prepared in a fair and conscious way.

If this restaurant would be an animal ..
.. it would be a leopard. A bit more expensive but quick and really pretty.

This way, please!

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